Saturday, November 10, 2007

Im Back to WORK!

COme to think about is a four letter word...and arent lots os "bad" words made with four letters??? now it all makes sense! ha ha

Anyways...Im back to work...and I had a few offers from other companies and they were VERY TEMPTING! but I decided that I would be happiest staying at Marks...but wait! theres a twist! Im the assistant operator for customer service! yuppers! I got a bigger and better job...yippee! The store Im at is the flagship we are the biggest store, with the newest fixtures etc..and we are also a test store...there are 2 districts that consist of test in Calgary and one in London Ontario...what makes them different is that there are clearly defined roles for any given time, the associates are either part of the merchandise crew or engagement crew (fancy for sales!)...and Im in charge of the sales side...Yeah, I dont have to merchandise, or stock or anything like that! yippee! I make sure that the customers are being helped the Marks way, and the staff is keeping busy, and know their product knowledge and stuff like that! It is a very exciting position at a very exciting store! Yeah, the first week back is done!

On another note...Jonathan has a touch of the sniffles today...we were gonna look at cars for me, but with him not feeling good...why make his day miserable and ours not so fun? so we snuggled on the couch this was his nose ever runny! my shoulder of my shirt was soaked! but it can get washed...

Im off cause I hear Monkey crying...Have a good night everyone!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween pics

Sorry bout not having pics up last night...blogger has been giving me some grief...but I am back at it this morning...I hope they go this time, cause Im sure you are waiting (patiently) for the cuteness that is Monkey!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jonathans first Halloween!

Jeff took him out...And I got to stay home and hand out treats...which is fine by me...I love to see the little kids all dressed up and kinda waddling with the big costumes on...we had about 24 kids or so...which is a surprise because the weather was very was about 6 degress or so...Jeff found out on his walk that most of the kids were heading to the newer part of TV, which is why we didnt get many kids...we think next year we are just gonna get a 24 case of fun pop and snack-size chips to give out...we will have less junk leftover for us... are the pics of J & J...enjoy!